Museum of Applied Arts motion poster and catalogue

A complimentary print piece to the Night of the Museum motion posters. The catalogue uses the same color palette as it's museum motion poster. The catalogue is acting like a motion piece itself, by having images moving off, of its pages as well as the text. The catalogue just as its motion piece is bilingual, English being on the yellow pages while Hungarian is on the white pages. (see motion piece below)

Museum of Applied Arts catalogue and motion posters

The Night of the Museums is an annual event in Budapest, in which museums are open until 2 am. Each motion poster represents a museum participating in the event. The catalogue is a complimentary piece to the  museum of Applied Arts motion poster. Just as the digital poster, the print piece mimicks the behavior of the motion poster. (See motion poster set below)

DSC_0360 copy.jpg
DSC_0294 copy.jpg
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